Wyoming Has the Worst Broadband Coverage in America, Study Says – Kgab

According to new research, Wyoming has the worst broadband coverage in America, and neighboring states Idaho and Montana are not much better.
Experts at Uswitch analyzed all 50 states and found that Wyoming has the most internet blackspots, with 10.28% of the state’s population not having access to ADSL, cable, or fibre connections.
Idaho and Montana ranked as the second and fourth worst for coverage, with population blackout percentages of 8.64% and 6.83%, respectively.
Wyoming also has the third slowest broadband in the U.S. behind Idaho and New Mexico, with speeds reaching an average of 20.31 megabits per second,
Deleware has the fastest download speed, with speeds reaching an average of 59.48 Mbps.
For the full study, visit: https://www.uswitch.com/broadband/studies/the-us-broadband-index/
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