'Stranger Things' Season 4 Recap: Episode 9 Ending Explained

In the season finale of Stranger Things 4, Eleven and the Hawkins team assemble their weapons for an amazing finale.

Episode 8 finished with Brenner passing on in the residue of the desert, however he's abandoned an entire difficult situation:

Episode 9 opens with Jim and Joyce dealing with a similar issue as Eleven, Will, Mike, Jonathan and Surfer Boy brochacho Argyle

They need to return to Hawkins before Vecna kills once more and opens a fourth door to the dull aspect. Steve, Nancy, Robin, Dustin and Eddie

As Max stands by listening to her clear-cut advantage, Kate Bush, she and Lucas trade adorable notes. Then, at that point, she switches off her Walkman.

In the Upside Down, Robin and Steve and Nancy are totally snatched by gagging appendages as Eddie and Dustin go into bat-tle

Lucas acknowledges he never needed to be well known and typical, yet his battle with Jason crushes Max's melodic life saver.

Joyce has a flashback to the demise of Bob Newby, her beau in season 2, played via Sean Astin.

The end credits track is Spellbound by Siouxsie and the Banshees. For what reason does nobody remember to stick a Walkman on the out cold Max?