Celtics Address Reasons Behind Their Offense Stagnating in Game 4 Loss to Warriors

In the Celtics' 107-97 loss to the Warriors in Game 4, in crunch time, defined as the final five minutes of a game within five points or less, Golden State outscored Boston 15-0.

It's the highest point differential in an NBA Finals game in the last 25 seasons, according to ESPN Stats&Info.

In that stretch, Golden State made 5/8 shots (62.5 percent). Conversely, Boston went 1/8 (12.5 percent).

The Celtics began crunch time with a 94-90 lead, but too often, the offense stagnated.

Al Horford, who finished with eight points, six rebounds, and four assists, stated: "I felt like we took possessions for granted.

As Jaylen Brown, who produced 21 points and six rebounds, has consistently conveyed after a Celtics loss, he pointed to poor spacing and a lack of organization.