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Published July 28, 2022, 6:08 AM
by Robert D. Reyes
The world is moving towards digitization. Researchers and corporations are finding the searchable PDF to be more and more important. Thankfully, some affordable choices allow you to easily generate searchable PDFs.
First, let’s understand the three basic types of PDF. They include the following:
Scanning physical books into searchable PDFs is essential because it preserves the old and treasured books. It makes them searchable and more accessible. In addition, the use of searchable PDFs in academia and for research purposes is remarkable. This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to turn physical books into searchable PDFs by using CZUR ET24 Pro.
A Guide to Turning Physical Books into Searchable PDFs
Turning a physical book into a searchable PDF is an essential and complicated task. That is why the need for a professional book scanner is vital. A professional book scanner performs this task brilliantly. For conducting research, the necessity of a digital book is matchless. CZUR scanners are suitable in this regard. These scanners have multiple functions.
The latest product of CZUR is ET24 Pro is fantastic and remarkable. It provides various functions. You can follow these steps to turn any physical book into a searchable PDF.
Step 1: Use ET24 Pro to Scan a Book
The first and most crucial phase is to scan the book with ET24 Pro, the scanner of CZUR. Follow these steps:
Step 2: Use CZUR Software to Turn the Physical Book into a Searchable PDF
After completing the first step, you can now use the software of CZUR to turn the physical book into a searchable PDF. Follow these steps:
Step 3: Save the Searchable PDFs
After it combines the whole document, there is an option to save it. Go to the save option, and you can easily keep the document. After saving the document, it is available for reading, underlining, and marking up.
In addition, there is a search option in it that allows you to type any word and search it. That word will appear on the screen. No matter how many times it is on the pages, it will appear, and you can use it as per your requirement.
Main Functions of ET24 Pro
The ET24 Pro offers various functions. The scanning process becomes easy and comfortable if the book scanner is excellent and authentic. This professional scanner of CZUR is crucial to make your job easier. In addition, it provides the following functions as well:
1. Flatten the Curve Automatically, Obtain the Perfect Results
ET24 Pro uses the laser beam image capture process and knows what must occur for the laser to strike and return to a target. This function applies page curve detection, page-turning detection, and position detection before being automatically processed and printed. The CZUR software will instantly transmit all the information. 
This function allows you to automatically flatten book curves and skewed original documents.
2. Capture, Refine, and Export in One Place Accurately and Automatically
Another essential function of ET24 Pro is that it can quickly capture, refine and export any book in one place. The CZUR all-in-one software is included with the ET24 Pro book scanners. It provides a user-friendly interface that combines smart technologies and necessary tools you require, from OCR to automated document identification, from picture cropping to color modifying.
3. Digital Files in Multi-Formats
ET24 Pro uses CZUR software to its fullest extent. All supported scanning formats include searchable documents, standardized documents, and images. You can perform a one-time scan and extract it with many data output formats, including searchable PDF, Doc, XLS, TIFF, and JPG.
4. Optical Character Recognition
ET24 Pro provides optical character recognition, an essential aspect of this scanner. It can recognize more than 180 different languages. These scanned paper documents, PDFs, and digital photos may be quickly turned into searchable information with the help of text recognition technology. Additionally, the recognized document exactly resembles the original.
Physical books hold their importance, but the need for digital books is growing for research, academia, and preservation purposes. A professional scanner is an essential need of this age. 
The searchable PDF is the best digital book one can have. CZUR ET24 Pro has several functions that make scanning nice and easy. You can use this scanner and benefit from it by following the simple steps mentioned in the post. It quickly scans, processes, and then saves books in any language into a searchable PDF file.
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