The European Union gives away these stories and coloring books, along with large maps: so you can receive them for free – Gearrice

In Genbeta we have already told that the Publications Office of the European Union gives away gigantic maps and printed publications. We were impressed when we received them, because yes, they comply and if there is availability, they do not take long to send them. Now, along with everything we had mentioned, we have discovered two other materials.
For children, we had already talked about Pac-Man, a publication designed for children to learn about the European Union while playing. There was also the ‘Europe, Better Together!’ educational kit. Now we’ve foundIn the farm‘ Y ‘Treasure hunt on the farm‘.

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First of all, the Office offers ‘On the farm’, a free coloring book where we will find animals, bushes, tractors, trucks and the typical elements of some rural environments.
If instead of ordering them we want to color them on the computer itself or print them, as always we can save the PDF and choose which pages we want to see in full color. The edition they send is from 2019, but if we are interested in having more variety, there are others from 2006 and 2010 that we can find in the ‘All editions (3)’ button that appears like this if we have selected that the language of the web be Spanish.

I ordered the gigantic free maps that the European Union gives away and when I received them I was delighted: this is how you can get one
To request it, no registration will be necessary, just fill in our contact information and address.
With ‘Treasure hunting on the farm’ we are indeed facing a 2021 and printed story that tells an educational story. As with ‘On the farm’, it is educational material with which children will learn about food processes and production, health, the importance of bees in agriculture, habitat, etc.
It has 40 pages and can be ordered in both Spanish and English, along with other official languages ​​of Member States. As on other occasions, the system only allows us to request one copy of each publication per person.

In this case, the website says that there is only one copy available, but that message appears with books in any language, so it seems more like a way to control that the submission of publications is not abused than the fact that there is little stock.

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