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Devanuru Mahadeva
A slim booklet by well-known writer Devanuru Mahadeva, which takes a critical look at the ideology of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) titled “RSS: Aala Mattu Agala”, has not only sold over 40,000 copies in record time but is also now ready for translation to five languages: Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, and English. 
The book has also reinvented the publishing model in Kannada, creating a new enthusiasm in the sector, which had taken a beating during the pandemic over the last two years. Mr. Mahadeva does not claim copyright over the book and till date six publishers have brought out the book and priced it at ₹40.
“The response to the book can probably only be described as a phenomenon. Till date, the publishers have sold over 40,000 copies. We have sold 12,000 copies ourselves,” said Guruprasad D.N. of Gauri Media Trust. More reprints are in the pipeline and industry insiders say the book may even cross the one lakh mark in the coming months. “There have been many enquiries from other languages for translation and most of them have already been fixed and work is underway. Publishers in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and English have come forward and translations are underway,” he said. 
The 64-page book, as Mr. Mahadeva puts it in the preface to the book, is an attempt to “critically observe the true nature and objective of RSS and place it before the people.” He says the book is an attempt to present to people “the difference in the perception of the organisation and its true colours.”
In the book, Mr. Mahadeva identifies what he calls three ideological planks of RSS – imposing Varnashrama Dharma and Manusmriti, Aryan supremacy, and destruction of the Constitution of India and federalism. He argues that the recent textbook revision and Anti-conversion Bill introduced by the State government are only steps towards imposing these ideological paradigms on society. 
He has called upon progressive organisations to set aside all their differences and work towards “unmasking the designs of regressive forces trying to impose Varnashrama dharma.”

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