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Speaking English is difficult for many people in our country. Many people face differential treatment due to their lack of English speaking skills. One good way to learn the language is to watch films based on it. It has been said by many researchers that watching films involves the use of one’s senses the most. That is why the brain learns and remembers things from a movie for a longer duration than when just read in books. 
So we bring you a list of English movies that are good enough for one to learn to speak the English language. Check the list of top 10 movies to learn English below. 
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Choosing movies over reading any book is way better as it involves most of your brain usage. Textbooks can help one learn grammar, but speaking English can be learnt better with someone talking in front of you. The listening skills of humans are better than reading. Also one can understand different types of spoken English through films. Another benefit of watching movies to learn English is that you can listen to the pronunciation. Also one can understand the context in which a few words are used while watching films. 
Harry Potter Series are the most loved movies among the youngsters. These movies are light and involve a lot of British English accents. One can also listen to the dialogues that are easier to understand and the context is simple to decipher. Harry Potter movies are a delight to watch and are extremely interesting. One can also follow up by reading the books after watching the movie to improve the vocabulary. 
An inspirational movie involves the senses of any human being. The film also deals with someone wanting to develop speaking skills which can help the movie watchers with their skills as well. It is more complicated than the Harry Potter series. 
Tom Hanks is known for his dialogue delivery skills, which is why the language of the movie is easier to understand. The learners would find the content of the movie appealing as well. The dialogues are spoken slowly and the background music does not cover them. 
This is a movie based on the life of the genius Stephen Hawkings. Parts of the movies are set at Cambridge University which is subliminally helpful for the learners of the English language. The characters in the movie also speak posh English called the ‘Queen’s language’ which is helpful grammatically as well. 
These movies are quite famous in India as well. Who does not know the Ironman or the Hulk nowadays? Well, instead of watching the Hindi version, why don’t you try to watch their original English versions? These versions also would give out the difference between the British and the American accents which may be easier for the language learners to make out. Also, these movies are recent which is why it becomes easier for people to watch them in the movie halls as well. 
So, those who wish to learn to speak English quicker than ever must watch the above-mentioned films first and then shift to the other movies. These movies would surely help you speak fluent English. 
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