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Saturday, 10 September
30 Nov 2021
Bora doesn’t like needles, but Baba says the injection will make him healthy
Will Bora overcome his fears with a bit of help from Baba and his stuffed monkey, Jojo?
This story about bravery and the importance of vaccines is brought to you by Book Dash, a local organisation that gathers creative volunteers to create new African storybooks that anyone can freely read, print, translate and distribute. 

Download the English PDF here
Download the isiXhosa PDF here
Download the isiZulu PDF here
Download the Setswana PDF here
Download the SiSwati PDF here

Created at Book Dash by Edna Gicovi (writer), David Mann (editor), Ellen Heydenrych (illustrator) and Raeesah Vawda (designer). 
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