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Learn the neuroscience behind key ADHD symptoms and hallmark behaviors. This downloadable eBook includes expert information on:
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ADHD is not what you think it is. The symptoms delineated in the DSM-5 — inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity — are not the most powerful or life-altering characteristics of the condition, according to those who live with it. Rather, the most impairing traits are those connected to intense, dysregulated emotions, inconsistent focus and motivation, and the shame that arises from a lifetime of negative messages.  This eBook takes a scientific approach to helping parents, educators, and adults with ADHD to:
How the ADHD Brain Works contains 76 pages of compelling research and scientific revelations to better understand the emotional attributes of ADHD, as well as the related challenges of lagging motivation and shame.
How the ADHD Brain Works will help you understand the neuroscience and emotional aspects of this complex condition. Chapters include:
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