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TL;DR: As of July 7, you can get a FlashBooks Business Book Summaries: Lifetime Subscription(opens in a new tab) for just $99.99 instead of $1,740 — that’s a 94% discount.
You may want to get up on your reading, but as a busy adult with limited time, free time tends to be dedicated to every other leisure activity you might want to be doing. Instead of stressing over all the books you didn’t read, try getting them in a condensed form that can be read in just 20 minutes(opens in a new tab) using FlashBooks, on sale for a limited time for $99.99 (Reg. $1,740). 
A lengthy self-help book languishing on your desk and making you feel worse for having not read it is a cruel irony, but you don’t have to deal with that. FlashBooks gives you unlimited access to a library filled with hundreds of condensed self-help texts. New titles are added every month, and all of them can be read and processed in 20 minutes or less. 
Even if you’re a fast reader, 400 pages is a lengthy commitment for a payoff you might not even enjoy. FlashBooks doesn’t even require that you read to get through a text you’ve been waiting for. All book summaries can also be accessed in audiobook format and can be downloaded as MP3 files. 
You can even switch between audio and text. All books are formatted for Kindle, iPhone, Android, iPad, iPods, PDFs, and more. And if you read a summary and find that you want to see the journey leading up to the destination, you can always go back and read the full book knowing you’ll actually enjoy the payoff. 
Normally, FlashBooks Business Book Summaries: Lifetime Subscription(opens in a new tab) would cost $1,740, but for a limited time, it’s on sale for $99.99.
Prices subject to change.
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