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Books are just one of the many things that have gone digital in the last few years.
While many will argue that nothing can beat holding and reading an actual book, it also cannot be denied that ebooks are convenient and make it easier for you to have more books without worrying about shelf space. 
Not everyone owns an Amazon Kindle device or any kind of tablet that can make ebook reading a breeze anywhere and anytime.
That does not mean, however, that reading ebooks on laptops and desktops have to be easier said than done, especially since there are ebook readers available for PC. 
Here are some ebook readers for PC that you can download for your reading pleasure: 
Ebook readers ideally should be able to open a variety of ebook file types. An example of an ebook reader that can do so is Calibre. According to an article by TechRadar, this ebook reader for PC is pretty much “an open source ebook reader and manager that’s lightweight and lightning-fast.”
As previously mentioned, it can open a variety of ebook file types, including Amazon’s AWZ format. It also has a Reference Mode that is particularly useful for students who need to cite references for school works.  
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If you want an ebook reader that also supports audiobooks, OverDrive is a Windows 10 app that you should check out. 
According to an article by Make Tech Easier, OverDrive has pretty cool features that people tend to look for when selecting an ebook reader. These include bookmarking, being able to change the font color and size, and different themes that are suitable for different lighting conditions. 
Icecream Apps is known for a variety of software, such as its PDF Editor, PDF Converter, Video Editor, and Password Manager. It also has its own ebook reader. 
Per the article by TechRadar, this ebook reader supports file types such as PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and FB2. It also has a pretty handy feature that lets you archive and export books, which is ideal if you are using more than one device to read your ebooks. 
Not having an Amazon Kindle device (Amazon also introduced Kindle for children too) does not mean you cannot enjoy the perks of having a Kindle as your ebook reader. That is because there is actually a Kindle for PC app that you can download. 
According to the Amazon website, Kindle has features such as Dictionary, Instant Translations, Wikipedia Lookup, and X-Ray that can make it easier for users to look up words, people, and other things they may come across while reading. 
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