Downloading Your Google Files – Madison Metropolitan School District

If you are graduating, retiring or leaving MMSD, you will no longer have access to your MMSD Google Drive. This document provides information about downloading folders and files. Most importantly, if you are a staff member, any files that contain student personally identifiable information are not to be downloaded and removed from MMSD.
There are two methods to consider when you want to take files with you that you are permitted to download and remove.
Locate the folder(s) or file(s) you wish to download and download it to your computer by choosing one of the methods below: (Note: You can select multiple files by using the shift or control key)
Right click on the name of the file and select Download, OR
Select the file or folder, click on the 3 dots in the upper right section of the window and select Download.
The downloaded files will be located in a zipped folder in the Downloads folder on your PC. They will be converted to the corresponding Microsoft file types. Docs will be converted to Microsoft Word files, Slides will be converted to Microsoft PowerPoint files, etc. You can copy the files to a flash drive or upload them to another drive.
Google Takeout is available to all staff and MMSD seniors who would like to download portions of their Google Drive. This allows the user to select a variety of categories of data to download in one process as opposed to one file or folder at a time. Before downloading, you may want to remove any obsolete files and move files that are on the main directory into folders since the following process only works with folders. Google files that are made with Docs, Slides or Sheets will be converted to the corresponding Microsoft file types.
Go to
In the Create a New Export section, all possible data is checked by default and if kept checked, will be included in the export. Click Deselect all and the boxes will be unchecked.
Scroll down the list and check the data you want to export. (Note: The following directions will focus on exporting Google Drive data.)
From the Drive section, click All Drive data included to view the folders in your drive.
Click Deselect all and check the folders you want to export and click OK. By default they are all checked, but you may not want to download all of the folders and files in your drive.
You have the option to change the file format of your exported files by clicking on the Multiple formats link in the Drive section. (see #3) Click on the down arrow and make your selection and click OK.
Once you have finished selecting the data categories to export, scroll to the bottom of the window and click Next Step.
Next, you can select how you would like your exported files to be delivered to you. This example will select Send download link via email. Leave the file type as .zip and if you have a lot of files, you may want to increase the size of the zipped file. Click Create export when done.
Your export will begin and Google will send you an email when it is complete, which includes a link to download the file.
After clicking the link in the email, you will be able to download the zipped file to your PC’s Downloads folder for one week. From there you can copy the file to a flash drive and unzip it once you are ready to upload it to a new location.


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