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Download CBSE Class 10 French Syllabus 2022-23 in PDF and check the latest course structure, assessment scheme and question paper design for the current academic session.
CBSE Class 10 French Syllabus for the current academic session (2022-2023) is available here in PDF format. French is one of the most opted foreign languages by students. One can easily learn the nuances of the language if he/she strictly follows the instructions mentioned in the syllabus. CBSE Class 10 French Syllabus is designed in a way to help students plan an effective study schedule so that they do not get baffled by the number of chapters and course content. Students must go through the complete syllabus to know the latest course content, and weightage assigned to the various components like reading, writing, grammar, culture and civilization and internal assessment. The design of the question paper for the CBSE Class 10 French Board Exam 2022-2023 is also mentioned in the CBSE syllabus below.
CBSE Class 10 French (Code No. 018) Course Structure 2022-23:
Time : 3 Hrs
Max. Marks: 80 + 20
A) Reading Section: 10 marks
One unseen prose passage (factual/descriptive) (150-200 words) (with a picture/diagrammatically represented data)
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B) Writing Section: 20 marks
One long composition (Informal letter) based on the main themes given in lessons 2-8, 10 (80 words)
Two short compositions: message, re-arranging a dialogue in logical sequence, completing a text with the help of clues provided. (30-35 words)
C) Grammar Section: 30 marks
Verbs (All tenses done in class 9, conditionnel du présent, futur antérieur, plus-que-parfait & subjonctif), pronom relatif simple et composé, pronom personnel (COD, COI, y, en, tonique, etc.), trouvez la question, discours direct et indirect, négatifs, possessifs – adjectifs et pronoms, démonstratifs – adjectifs et pronoms (simples et composés)
(Note: Personal pronouns will continue to be tested as the topic is done in Class 9)
D) Culture and Civilization: 20 marks
Question based on text book:
a) Short answer questions – 5 x 2=10 marks
b) MCQ (True or false/ match the following/ fill in the blanks)- 10 marks  
Note: Students are not to be tested on texts marked ‘Pour aller plus loin’ and ‘ Je découvre’
1. L.2 – Après le bac
2. L.3 – Chercher du travail
3. L.4 – Le plaisir de lire
4. L.5 – Les médias
5. L.6 – Chacun ses goûts
6. L.7 – En pleine forme
7. L.8 – L’environnement
8. L.10 – Vive la République!
E) Internal Assessment 20 marks
As per CBSE guidelines for all subjects:
i. Subject enrichment activity (ASL) – 5 marks
ii. Portfolio – 5 marks 
iii. Periodic Tests – 5 marks
iv. Multiple Assessments – 5 marks
(Please refer to the latest guidelines issued by the CBSE on their website from time to time)
It is recommended that listening and speaking skills be regularly practised and art-integrated projects based on activities like role play, skit, dramatisation etc. be encouraged.
Prescribed textbook:
Entre Jeunes, Class X
(CBSE) Textbook Lessons 2-8, 10
CBSE Class 10 French (Code: 018) 2022-2023:
Time: 3 Hrs
Marks : 80 + 20
The Question Paper will be divided into four sections:
Details of Topics/ Sections
Type of questions/Subtopics
Section A (Comprehension)
Unseen prose
Paragraph with short answers questions (Picture Based)
True or false
Vocabulary search:
Noun and verb forms/opposites/ synonyms/adjectives
10 (10/14)
Section B (Expression)
Long compositions (Any ONE)
Short compositions (Any TWO)
Informal letter
Rearranging of dialogue
Completing a story
Writing a message (5 marks each)
 10 (1/3) 10 (2/3)
Section C (Application)
1.Les verbes- infinitif, présent, impératif, imparfait, passé composé, plus que parfait, futur simple, futur antérieur, conditionnel présent
2. Le discours direct et indirect
3. Trouver la question
4. Les pronoms (COD, COI, toniques, y, en)
5. La négation
6. Les pronoms relatifs simples et composés
7. Les adjectifs et pronoms possessifs
8. Les adjectifs et pronoms démonstratifs
9. Le subjonctif (5 marks each)
Note: Topic 1 (Verbs) is compulsory. The student will be tested on any 5 of the remaining topics. (Total 6 Questions)
30 (5/7 per question)
Section D (Culture and Civilisation)
L 2-8, 10
Short answers 5 x 2
MCQ True or False 5 x
1 Match the following 5 x 1
Fill in the blanks 5 x 1 (The student will be tested on any two)
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