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With the vast majority of its books being in English and in a multitude of genres, the variety of offerings at Black Cat Books often surprises the people who trickle in through the door. The independently-owned bookstore has been in operation on Queen street since 1998 and has become one of the only remaining English bookstores in the Townships.
“Business has been hanging by a thread for years. Anyone with business sense would have given up years ago,” said Janice LaDuke, owner and manager of the store. With the introduction of e-books and online retailers, small bookstores like Black Cat have faced many trials as interest in physical books has decreased in recent years. Yet a recent trend has demonstrated a change in peoples’ mindset. According to LaDuke, “people have become fed up with the “Big A” and other online stores as a lot of people have contacted me to order books through my store.” The increase in book orders brings a pleasant boom in business as members of both the English and French community have reached out to her for their specific orders.
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