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Best Sales Enablement Books
The editors at Solutions Review have compiled a list featuring some of the best sales enablement books worth reading based on their relevance, ratings, publish date, and ability to help marketing and sales teams improve their collaboration.
SR Finds 100x100There are plenty of resources online to help you improve your company’s sales and marketing alignment, but sometimes, it’s best to do things the old-fashioned way, especially since few resources can match the depth of a good book. Solutions Review has researched some of the best sales enablement books on the market and carefully selected the following titles based on their industry relevance and overall popularity, ratings, publish date, and ability to add business value.
Each of the books listed below comes from recognized leaders, experts, and technology professionals in the field. The books are listed in alphabetical order based on their titles.
| 11 of the Best Sales Enablement Books Your Team Should Be Reading - Solutions Review
Business Made Simple - coverDescription: Donald Miller is no stranger to the world of business. Not only has he written several best-selling books, but he’s also the CEO of a successful company and has been involved in the world of entrepreneurs for years. With this book, he’s compiled a collection of bite-sized, daily readings to help his readers take their professional careers to a new level. Readers will learn how to improve and align their leadership, sales, marketing, management, strategies, productivity, and messaging efforts and, ultimately, boost the success of their teams.
Data Mining Techniques - coverDescription: Written by industry experts Gordon S. Linoff and Michael J. A. Berry, this thorough textbook will teach readers how to harness proven data ming methods, solve business problems, boost response rates to marketing campaigns, identify undiscovered customer segments, estimate risk, and analyze data. The title is nearly nine hundred pages long. Still, it uses clear and concise explanations to introduce each new data mining technique and best practice, so professionals of all experience levels can benefit from its insights.
Effective Sales Enablement - coverDescription: According to writer Pam Didner, this book aims to help readers start thinking about how they can use their marketing initiatives to support their sales times better. Each chapter focuses on a particular marketing topic and explores how and why it impacts sales teams. Didner has over twenty years of experience as a marketing consultant, author, and speaker and has written this book to help marketing managers and salespeople improve their company’s sales enablement efforts.
Psychology in Marketing and Sales - coverDescription: Author Darren Hignett has nearly 30 years of experience in marketing, has written six books on the topics and has used his expertise and support companies of all sizes. Hignett will help his readers learn how to price products strategically, position products to generate more sales, use colors to attract buyers, and more with this easy-to-read book. The book is best suited for sales and marketing teams looking for a quick and productive read to help them unearth some of the psychology that determines how their target audience thinks.
Sales Enablement A Complete Guide - coverDescription: Readers who purchase this book will unlock a collection of complementary digital components and gain access to an in-depth sales enablement self-assessment to help them identify roadblocks, develop solutions, and maintain lasting sales and marketing alignment. The 2021 edition features new and updated case-based questions—organized into seven levels of “sales enablement maturity”—to help businesses utilize evidence-based best practices for aligning their sales and marketing departments with overarching goals.
The Sales Acceleration Formula - coverDescription: Mark Roberge was HubSpot’s SVP of Worldwide Sales and Services from 2007 to 2013, and in that time, he scaled the company’s customer base from one to well over twelve thousand and grew his staff to hundreds of employees. With this book, he sets out to help his readers deconstruct the complicated process of building revenue into manageable, measurable, and repeatable steps. The book includes tips and best practices for hiring salespeople, collaborating with other departments, experimenting with new technologies, and how to generate demand in the right markets.
Sales Enablement A Master Framework - coverDescription: Written by Byron Matthews and Tamara Schenk—two industry professionals with years of collective experience—this book is meant to provide sales leaders with a “turnkey” guide to sales enablement and cross-functional collaboration. The book covers best practices for developing sustainable content, coaching, training, and technology systems. It will show readers how to equip their teams with everything they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive sales environment. Additionally, readers can expect to learn about real-world case studies that illustrate what successful sales enablement implementations look like.
The Sales Enablement Playbook - coverDescription: The Sales Enablement Playbook is written to help companies across industries learn what sales enablement looks like and guide them through the process of implementing it in their organization. The book uses a series of standalone chapters, strategical frameworks, and proven tactics to illustrate how to make sales enablement a priority. While the book is written by sales veterans Cory Bray and Hilmon Sorey, it’s an approachable title that can also help marketing professionals improve their understanding of and participation in the sales ecosystem.
Sales Enablement 3.0 - coverDescription: Written by Roderick Jefferson—a leading professional and keynote speaker with over twenty years of sales leadership—this book will help readers understand the processes, tools, and conversations needed to develop a successful and collaborative sales enablement strategy. At its core, the concepts behind Sales Enablement 3.0 amount to an innovative approach to help business leaders increase sales productivity with personalized, systematic strategies that support buyers and sellers alike.
Salesforce for Beginners - coverDescription: Across this book’s 17 chapters, Shaalan will help readers grow more acclimated to the Salesforce platform and let them see firsthand how it can be used in their sales, service, marketing, and automation efforts. By the time they’ve finished the book, readers will have learned to create and manage leads in Salesforce, explore a multitude of business development accounts and acquired contacts, achieve marketing goals using Salesforce campaigns, perform business analysis with reports and dashboards, build an effective Salesforce security model, and much more.
They Ask, You Answer - coverDescription: This book is written to provide companies with a straightforward guide to answering customer questions. However, that’s easier said than done, so author Marcus Sheridan also covers the tactics and insights companies need to align their sales and marketing departments and meet the increasing demands of modern buyers. Topics covered include content marketing strategies, using company websites to attract quality leads, achieving employee buy-in, transforming customers into brand advocates, and more. The popular title was recently updated to include new case studies and real-world examples to address emerging technologies, trends, and consumer habits.
| 11 of the Best Sales Enablement Books Your Team Should Be Reading - Solutions Review

| 11 of the Best Sales Enablement Books Your Team Should Be Reading - Solutions Review
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